Man Nyari: Veteran Vernacular Journalist Reuniting Families

A photo of journalist Man Nyari at Kameme FM studios on October  2022
A photo of journalist Man Nyari at Kameme FM studios in October 2022
Man Nyari

Kenya has been fortunate to witness the impactful contributions of several remarkable journalists who have left an indelible mark on the minds of their viewers. 

Among these media personalities, John Njuguna, fondly known as Man Nyari, stands out as a journalist who has made a positive impact on the lives of Kenyans.

John Njuguna has gained widespread recognition for his renowned program, "Njango ya Muturire," which is broadcasted on Kameme TV/FM. 

The show graces the airwaves every Saturday morning, serving as a platform that reunites family members with their lost loved ones.

His show, featured on the vernacular radio platform, has cultivated a devoted following, with numerous families expressing their gratitude for his invaluable work. 

Through his dedication and commitment to reuniting separated families, John Njuguna, or Man Nyari, has touched the lives of many Kenyans in a positive manner.

Journalist, signer and comedian Man Nyari in May 15, 2023
Journalist, signer, and comedian Man Nyari on May 15, 2023
Man Nyari

Man Nyari is not only a radio presenter but also a multi-talented individual, excelling as a musician, actor, comedian, businessman, and guitarist.

His show, broadcasted live on Kameme FM and simultaneously aired on Kameme TV, revolves around the emotional narratives of different family members who have experienced the painful separation from their loved ones due to various circumstances.

These heart-wrenching stories serve as a call to the public to join in the collective effort to help trace the missing family members. The search can span across several months, but the determination to reunite families remains unwavering.

In the most recent episode, Man Nyari facilitated a reunion between two sisters who had been separated for 70 years. 

These moments of reunion are accompanied by tears of joy, heartfelt embraces, and an overwhelming sense of happiness.

The gospel artist hails from Gatundu South, Kiambu County, and nurtured a deep-seated desire to become a renowed musician, with aspirations to have his songs featured on KBC.

During his educational journey, Man Nyari pursued Graphic Arts and Print Management at Kenya Polytechnic. 

In 1998, he took a significant step in his music career by recording his debut song and releasing the album "Ngoma aroiga mehia metwo maendeleo," which roughly translates to "The Devil Says Let Sin Be Called Wokeness."

Among his catalogue, the song that stands out is 'Hurutira mwaki wa roho' (Fan Your Spiritual Flame), a resonating call to maintain the fervor of one's spiritual journey.

In addition to his music, Man Nyari has also made notable appearances in the world of acting, participating in several vernacular shows such as 'Micii ni Ndogo,' a radio show on Kameme, and featuring on Citizen TV's 'Machachari.'

As a journalist, some of the shows he has hosted include Arahuka and Thingira Wa Kameme.   

He was fired from the station in 2019 but was soon rehired by the media house following widespread public demand.   

“I’m back with a bang, make a date with us at Kameme FM and Kameme TV on Saturdays I have seen the hand of God in this, it is the public demand that has seen me being reinstated,” he stated after resuming his role.

Man Nyari is lauded by his fans as a pillar of society doing God's work to reunite vulnerable families in the country.

He hosts the show alongside Mercy Nungari.      

Journalists Mercy Nungari and Man Nyari at Kameme FM studios on August 2022
Journalists Mercy Nungari and Man Nyari at Kameme FM studios on August 2022
Man Nyari