Lone Gunman Attacks Two Police Officers in Mwingi, Kitui County

A gunman in a balaclava
A photo of a gunman in a balaclava.

A gunman was shot by police officers on Saturday after attempting to rob law enforcement personnel.

According to the police report from Nguni Police Station obtained by Kenyans.co.ke, the attacker was hiding near the Mathiakani Bridge in Mwingi, Kitui County where he was targeting drivers plying the route.

Per the statement, the whole episode started when a man driving the water bowser, who was on his way to Nguni to draw water, saw the assailant with a spotlight armed with a gun hiding at a strategic spot at the bridge.

The gunman then signalled the water bowser driver to stop but he declined, choosing to accelerate towards Nguni instead.

He then heard 3 gunshots and realised that his front tyres had been hit. This, in turn, prompted him to speed off and after driving for about 800 metres, he spotted police officers driving a Prado who he tried to warn of the impending danger.

"Efforts to warn them of the impending danger were futile," read part of the report.

Kenya Police Officers
A photo showing Kenya Police Officers.
Tom Maruko

Alive to the fact that other motorists would encounter the gunman on the road, the water bowser driver proceeded to Nguni Police Station and reported the matter.

Moments later per the report, the police officers were accosted by the gunman who held them at gunpoint and ordered them out of the vehicle. 

During this incident, 1 corporal was robbed of Ksh2,000. It was after this incident that things went South.

"The lone robber fired 3 rounds prompting the officers to return fire which eventually fatally injured the robber. In the process, the said motor vehicle was hit twice in the rear," read the police report.

 However, the security officers escaped unhurt .

Several items were also recovered including an AK 47, twenty three rounds of ammunition and 2 pairs of shoes, sufuria with foodstuffs, and a knife.

A solar panel, scissors, a pen, and a black bag pack containing 38 rounds of ammunition were also retrieved from the scene.

Other recovered items included; seven notes of Somali currency, Ksh2,800, two mobile phones, and one extended cartridge.

"Scene was processed, and body is waiting to be transferred to Mwingi Level (IV) Hospital morgue," read part of the report.

A photo of the entrance at the  Mwingi Level (IV) Hspital in Kitui County
A photo of the entrance at the Mwingi Level (IV) Hospital in Kitui County
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