Boniface Mwangi and Mohamed Ali Engage in Nasty Online Fight

 Boniface Mwangi and Mohamed Ali Engage in a Nasty Online Fight
A photo collage of activist Boniface Mwangi and Nyali MP Mohamed Ali
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Nyali MP Mohamed Ali and Boniface Mwangi on Saturday engaged in an online war of words after the activist called out Coast leaders for failing to rein in the drug menace in the region.

The activist questioned why the Nyali MP has been prioritising anti-LGBTQ protests rather than what he perceives to be more pressing issues such as the future of young people in the region.

''Mombasa youth are dying because of drug use. Leaders led by Nyali  Mohamed Ali would rather hold a protest against gay people instead of focusing on what’s destroying their youth,?'' the activist claimed.

The vocal Coast politician clapped back asking him to concentrate on his affairs instead of poking his nose where it doesn't belong. 

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali addresses a gathering in 2019

The war of words did not end there with the spat turning personal.

In the brawl, Boniface Mwangi dared the vocal MP to share his kin's photos to prove he is a family man and believes in the institution of marriage.

Mwangi further advised the MP to train his focus on putting in place strategies to make sure that he saves future generations from cartels posing a danger to their well-being.

Nyali MP who has been leading anti-LGBTQ protests both in Nairobi and Mombasa has voiced his concerns about foreign governments attempting to advance the agenda in Kenya. 

The protests were triggered by a Supreme Court ruling that allowed the LGBTQ+ community to form their associations.

Mohamed Ali was among the first politicians to call for a total ban on LGBTQ activities and groups in Kenya.

Homabay Town MP Peter Kaluma has also called for a ban on same-sex marriages within the country.

“These are not human rights. Those are demonic behaviour and we cannot allow such behaviours in our country. We will not allow unions or any NGO associations for those kinds of people,” Ali said on March 15.

A file photo of activist Boniface Mwangi
A file photo of activist Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi
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