Ambassador Martin Kimani Warns Collapse of UN Over Palestine & Ukraine Wars

A photo of the United Nations General Assembly
A photo of the United Nations General Assembly
United Nations

Kenya’s Permanent Emissary to the United Nations, Martin Kimani, has cast doubt regarding the UN’s longevity, cautioning of its potential demise after its inaction in the Ukraine and Palestine conflicts.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly 57th Plenary meeting on Monday, the ambassador highlighted concerns about the UN's gradual weakening, attributing it to the organisation's inaction.

Furthermore, he criticised the UN for its perceived lack of action in response to the Ukraine invasion by Russia and the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine. Kimani emphasised the urgent need for the UN to double its efforts in addressing these crises.

“It is very frequent for the Security Council to face criticism for its inaction in multiple situations, and rightfully so. But mere criticism will not halt the UN's weakening,” stated Kimani.

Further, the Ambassador noted that the UN was at a crossroads in 2024 and the choice that the organisation would take would determine its future.

“This year represents a crossroads: the path we choose will determine whether the UN fades into irrelevance, as the League of Nations once did, or whether we seize this moment to bolster this institution, restore its influence, and strengthen our collective resolve,” noted Kimani.

Kenya's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Martin Kimani
Kenya's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Martin Kimani
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya

The Ambassador stressed that the UN should facilitate a mediated settlement for the countries involved to alleviate the suffering of people in the affected regions.

However, he also cautioned the world’s major powers for their silence on the matter and their tendency to act in self-interest. He remarked that despite their high standing, all countries would ultimately face the consequences of the war.

“The enduring fact is that the major powers will always act in their perceived self-interest; to believe otherwise is naive," explained Kimani.

In addition to cautioning the major powers, Ambassador Kimani reiterated that the wars weaken the resolve of the UN and diminish the influence held by friendly nations in the Permanent Membership of the Security Council.

Further, he also warned Russia of its invasion of Ukraine citing that the country would endure the repercussions of the war despite its current position of power.

“History offers a harsh lesson: aggression against neighbours or militarily weaker states, very often, ultimately endangers the aggressor's own security,” elaborated Kimani.

His statements come days after the UN announced a Ksh38.8 billion expansion of its Nairobi office after the President donated land.

Additionally, the UN plans to move a section of its staff to Kenya from its New York Office by 2025.

An image of United Nation's Headquarters in New York, US
An image of United Nation's Headquarters in New York, US