Chris Kirubi Advises Kenyans on Making Savings

  • By Tony Mukere on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 - 5:58pm
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  • Billionaire industrialist Chris Kirubi has revealed that he does not relate with the January blues, popularly identified as Njaanuary.

    While appearing for an interview at a local comedy show, Kirubi revealed that his Njaanuary moment comes in December when he is faced with numerous bills for bonuses and end-of-year gifts for his many employees.

    “The only time I get my Njaanuary moment is in December because I have to give my workers huge bonuses and many of them request for advances. Otherwise for me – apana (no)!", Kirubi confessed.

    The acclaimed businessman also advised Kenyans to be more careful in planning their debts to avoid landing in financial trouble.

    “Whatever you earn, make a saving for the rainy day,” Kirubi advised.

    The interview provided a rare moment for the businessman to show his humorous side.

    He joked that in the spirit of saving, men who have expensive girlfriends should let them go and look for cheaper alternatives.

    His comical blade was gender insensitive as he added, "in the same way, if you are a lady and you are dating a pauper, leave him! Look for a better one."

    Kirubi is one of Kenya's leading investors in the country and has vast interests in real estate, media, manufacturing, agriculture among others.

    Watch the interview here, courtesy of NTV:

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