County Offices Locked After Rent Arrears

  • Drama ensued after residents of Nakuru were denied access to County Public Service Board offices after it was revealed that county officials had allegedly not paid rent of Sh12 Million.

    Members of the public were shocked when they found the doors of the offices locked with chains and padlocks. Security guards at the doors told the residents that the offices had been closed by the owner of the building.

    The County Secretary, Joseph Motari, is said to be out of the country on official business as residents continue to suffer.

    The Board chairman, Waithanji Mutiti, addressed the angry residents stating that the issue would be resolved once Mr. Motari came back.

    The incident comes barely weeks after the officials were put on the spot after reportedly pocketing Sh1.3 Million.

    The Auditor General has also raised questions over the county's use of funds, dismissing its payment plans for the financial year 2013-2015.