Donald Trump's Executive Order on Abortion Blocks Aid for Marie Stopes and IPPF Projects in Kenya

  • The implications of United States (US) President Donald Trump’s rise to leadership are slowly coming alive to Kenyans.

    Trump recently signed an executive order that cuts aid for all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support abortion.

    One of the NGOs that were affected is the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which provides family planning and other health services.

    IPPF has confirmed that their Sh10 Billion healthcare programmes have been affected by Trump’s decision.

    In response to the order, NGO complained that none of the money they receive from the US government is spent on abortion activities.

    “Yet, without funding, these organisations won't be able to provide HIV prevention, care and treatment services, integrated maternal health care, counselling on potential risks of Zika infection, contraceptive services, and training to health care providers, among other key reproductive health interventions,” IPPF's senior manager Caroline Kwamboka stated.

    Another victim of the new directive will be Marie Stopes Kenya (MSK) which already had an existing Sh300 Million and a five-year deal with the United States government for a family planning project meant for poor Kenyans in Turkana, Samburu, Baringo, and Nakuru counties.

    The American aid department, USAID, will no longer be allowed to extend any grants to MSK going by the Americans President’s executive order.

    According to MSK Country Director Dana Tilson, the US President’s order will deny over 120,000 Kenyans access to family planning and related services that are offered by the organisation.

    “It is a terrible tragedy that Kenyan women are being let down by the Trump administration. Women need to stand up and speak against the abuse of their rights. Over the period he is in office and the policy is in place, we will not be receiving USAID money,” Tilson decried.

    Apart from contraceptive services that they offer to Kenyans, MSK also assists the Kenyan health sector in cancer screening, pregnancy care and nutrition.