Former ODM Strategist Eliud Owalo Wants Raila Defeated in August

  • Opposition Leader Raila Odinga has been strongly condemned by his Chief campaigner in the 2013 General Election, Eliud Owalo,  who is now praying that the former premier loses in the August Elections.

    In a Facebook post titled; RAILA ODINGA’S PAY-BACK TIME IS COMING IN AUGUST 2017, Owalo, who lost in the recently held ODM Party nominations for the Kibra Parliamentary seat, blamed the former Prime minister for his defeat.

    "I squarely blame Raila Odinga for mischievously instigating SELECTION of the ODM Parliamentary candidate for Kibra Constituency for the August 2017 elections.

    "I’m however eagerly waiting for the results of the August 2017 Presidential elections in which I believe Raila will have no option but to come to terms with the sad reality that Malipo ni Hapa Hapa Duniani," Owalo's post read in part.

    According to the aspirant, the party and its leadership had a preferred candidate and that the ODM leader had issued orders to block him from winning as the party had political interests in Kibra.

    "I have information at my disposal that a decision had already been made by Raila himself a while back to block Owalo in Kibra based on issues which are already in the public domain,"  he stated.

    The former ODM strategist noted that he won't be contesting the nomination results or go for the seat as an independent candidate since he would still be subjected to the same scenario he faced over the nominations.

    "I have done a lot of soul-searching sine last night and come to the decision that... I will mind my own business and therefore neither contest yesterday’s results nor run for the Kibra Parliamentary seat altogether in August 2017," Owalo stated.

    Owalo lost the Kibra parliamentary nominations to incumbent Member of Parliament Ken Okoth after garnering 1,288 votes against Okoth's 7,712 votes.

    Here is Eliud Owalo's full post: