How Co-operative Bank is Making Life Easy This Easter Holiday

The Easter Weekend is finally here! For many people, the highlight of this season is the four days off work.

Just in case you won’t remember, it is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and proof of His everlasting love and sacrifice.

But of course, for many, it will be the perfect opportunity to have an extended weekend to indulge and have fun with family and friends.

Nonetheless, with all the commercial extravagance and various demands, the Easter Weekend brings along, here is what you should put in mind.


Just after the Easter Weekend, the month will be on the 18th day. Do the calculation on how many days will be left to your pay day.

With that in mind, don’t forget to spend wisely.


The precious Easter weekend will come and go. Tuesday is, in fact, watching you.

Have everything in moderation.

Be Safe:

Remember it’s only four days. Yes, four days that will fly faster than you can imagine. Therefore, your safety is paramount if you want to resume your normal life, free of regrets, after Easter.

Avoid any activities that will be put you your life at risk.

Taking a Loan:

Calm down. I don’t want to say you should not borrow some money for Easter.

In fact, be easy this Easter and don’t fret if you will not have money to have some fun.

The point is, don’t borrow ANYHOW!

Get the cheapest loan in the market, which only attracts an interest rate of 1.16% per month. That’s right. 1.16 % monthly interest only.

You only need to register for Co-operative Bank’s MCo-op Cash service — and whether it’s now or after Easter, you will be sorted.

Walking Around With Liquid Cash:

I’m sure you know what happens when you walk around with a lot of liquid cash. You feel like you can buy the world or even maybe pay off some people to get out of your way.

To be safer, pay bills using your mobile phone or Visa Card.

And now that the banks will be closed for the four days, download the MCo-op Cash App and use it to carry out your transactions including paying your bills. Remember, to send money from MCo-op Cash to MCo-op Cash is absolutely free.

Enjoy absolute convenience while using the Co-op Visa Cards to for instance pay for goods and services.

With banking halls being closed over the holiday, just walk into any Co-op Kwa Jirani Agent for any other banking service you might need.

Meanwhile, at we wish you a Happy Easter!