How Muslim Teacher Saved Pastor, Son During Friday Bus Attack

Muslims once again shielded Christians on Friday when suspected Al Shabaab militants attacked two buses in Mandera.

During the attack, passengers aboard the two buses were forced to flee into the bush where they were pursued by the attackers.

Ibrahim Bashir, a headteacher at a school in Elwak, narrated how he managed to save a pastor and his son during the ambush that led to the death of six passengers.

Bashir expressed that he met Pastor Peter Waguru and his son a few meters from the bus trembling in fear, while the attackers were hot on their heels.

“I met Mr Peter who was very scared. I stopped, gave him my kanzu and told him with this cloth you will be safe. Then I took his son and ran with him about one kilometre from the road,” Bashir told KTN.

The teacher said that he came out of hiding after an hour and headed to Wargadud area on foot where the son reunited with his father.

"He was very happy how I had saved him," added Bashir.

Bashir stated that he did not mind saving another person even though he became a target the moment he chose the heroic act.

“Yes of course I am (hero) I don’t mind saving another person because I know when my time comes I will die. However in case of such a tragedy, as a Muslim I will stand in front protect and defend as much as I can,” said Bashir

Bashir added that he chose to save the clergyman since Al Shabaab have previously killed Christians and spared Muslims during the attacks.

Last year in December during a similar attack in Mandera, Salah Farah (deceased) and Abrashid Aden stood up against the militiagroup anChristiansd christians with whom they were traveling together.

The two grabbed international media headlines for their rare heroic act.


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