One Civilian Killed, 11 Shot in Clash Between Residents and KWS

  • Meru residents have voiced their concerns over what they call injustice in an incident where one person was shot and 11 others sustained injuries during a clash between the demonstrators and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers.

    The Monday incident had began when locals took to the streets protesting alleged kidnapping of 3 people by the KWS.

    Reports indicate that the angry residents took the demonstrations a notch higher and set Meru National Park on fire.

    The locals however deny the claims and instead say the fire was a set up by the rangers.

    The skirmish that would ensue would see the 11 people get shot as one succumbed to injuries.

    The casualties were taken to Meru Methodist Hospital while the deceased was taken to Meru Hospital mortuary.

    Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo condemned the incident and asked that the national government investigates the matter and brings the officers involved to book.