President Kenyatta Announces Issues Set to be Addressed During Obama's Visit

President Uhuru Kenyatta has highlighted some of the key issues set to be addressed during Obama’s visit to Kenya.

Speaking during a press address at state house Nairobi, President Kenyatta said Obama will be coming to Kenya on two courses ; the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and to hold bilateral talks.

Kenyatta has noted that the hosting of the GES in Kenya will be an opportunity to enhance Kenya-US economic relations as well us an opportunity to show case the country's potential.

The President said the summit is set to focus on the entrepreneurial spirit, innovations in Kenya as well as provide an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to partner with multinationals.

The Head of State said direct flights from Kenya to the US will also be one of the main issue on the agenda.

The President has also reiterated that trade and security matters are both crucial issues, which will be addressed between him and US President Barack Obama.

Kenyans have been challenged to look at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit as an opportunity to show case abilities in the country, as well as an opened door for the investors.

He has, however, downplayed concerns that President Obama could address the homosexuality agenda.

According to Kenyatta the gay agenda is a non-issue because Kenya is more focused on other more important issues.

Out of 1400 delegates set to participate in the GES, a fifth will be Kenyan’s while at least 700 will be Africans.

Kenyatta has challenged those doubting the strength of the Kenya-US relations to re-examine their assumptions.


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