Safaricom Fires 58 Employees

  • Safaricom has fired 58 employees from the company, after they were found guilty of fraud.

    In a report released by the telecommunication services giant, the employees were fired in the year ended March.

    Three years ago, the company adopted the practice of reporting employee fraud and actions in yearly reports.

    Since then, a total of 169 employees have had their employment terminated following claims of fraud.

    Safaricom says that the total number of financial crimes committed by employees during the reported year dropped by two thirds.

    During the period, Safaricom says it investigated 29 fraud cases and gave warning to 13 employees.

    As a show of commitment to its anti-corruption stand, Safaricom terminated a multi-million dollar tender it had awarded the Lebanese company Mobinets SAL, last year.

    The contract had been allocated after staff were bribed, Business Daily reports.

    Safaricom employees are required to undergo ethics training at least once a year, focusing on anti-corruption and bribery initiatives.

    This, the company says, will eliminate fraud cases that include asset misappropriation, fraudulent expense claims and corruption cases.

    Several other companies in the country have adopted the training of employees in anti corruption practices.

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