The Scandal Forcing IEBC Officials Want to Leave Office

  • New revelations have surfaced indicating why some commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) are willing to quit office despite earlier on maintaining they could not resign.

    It has emerged that the officials are afraid of facing legal actions over procurement malpractices committed during the run-up to the 2013 Elections.

    A report sent to the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) recommended that the commissioners be subjected to a parliamentary grilling, over claims that they received bribes during procurement of electoral materials that were used in the last General Election.

    The said commissioners are now wary of the far-reaching consequences they could face should they be found culpable of the bribery claims. 

    If the report before PAC is adopted, some of the commissioners including Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba may be barred from holding office.

    The IEBC Commissioners are also reportedly scared of undergoing a lifestyle audit.

    “What they are uncomfortable with most is the lifestyle audit. But as a committee, we spoke to many sources which we are under obligation to protect. The sources confirmed to us that some of the commissioners had grown rich within a very short time. If there is any indication that public money has been used to enrich some people, then we cannot ignore it. It is not a witch hunt, it is based on evidence,” said PAC Chairperson Nicholas Gumbo.

    Reports indicate that some IEBC commissioners have written individual letters to the President indicating their willingness to leave office. They argue that they no longer want to drag their names in mud.

    Some of the Commissioners who have reportedly written to the President include Yusuf Nzibo, Albert Bwire, Kule Galma Godana and Abdullahi Sharawe.

    Pressure for the disbandment of IEBC was mounted by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) after it cited lack of credibility among the commissioners.