Teacher Infects Pupils With Evil Spirits

  • A teacher in Kathimani Primary School, Kitui County is on the run after parents descended on the school compound baying for her blood.

    This is after allegations that the said teacher had evil spirits which she had transferred to some of the pupils leading to regular seizures.

    Parents cried foul claiming that their children were living in fear due to numerous spirit attacks, thus impeding their concentration and affecting performance in class.

    The teacher, who ran for her dear life, was condemned by the parents after being identified as the source of the evil spirits by the pupils.

    The school's administration together with the parents, are said to have called in pastors to pray for the students over the last two months that the attacks had occurred.

    Enraged guardians, who stormed the school compound, demanded to take their children home and have the teacher barred from accessing the school premises.

    “...Tumevumilia ya kutosha, tukasema kila mtu na mali yake akalishie nyumbani… Na huyo mwalimu kwetu haingii katika shule yetu (...We have had enough of this. That is why we have decided to take our children back and raise them at home...and that teacher should be barred from entering inside our school),” said one of the parents.