Trans Nzoia ODM Aspirant Chekai Musa Campaigns on Promise to Legalize Marijuana

  • An ODM Senatorial aspirant has caused a wave of excitement on social media after it emerged that he was campaigning on a promise to legalize marijuana (bhang).

    Chekai Musa, who is seeking the Trans Nzoia senate position, has declared that top on his priority will be setting up a legal framework that will allow farmers and consumers of marijuana to go about their business without breaking the law.

    Speaking to, Musa stated that it was a shame that marijuana continues to be a banned substance in most parts of Africa yet it has been legalized in the US and parts of Europe.

    He added that there is still no sober explanation for its banned status given that research has shown the drug to be harmless.

    “People have died because of consuming various types of foods including excessive sugar, meat, and cigarettes, but I can assure you there is not a single hospital where you will find a patient who died because of consuming marijuana,” Chekai told this writer.

    The ODM politician has also declared that if elected, he will start a legislation campaign to have British American Tobacco (BAT) banned from Kenya.

    Asked whether he fears being denied the Orange ticket based on his unorthodox ideology, he stated that ODM was a democratic party that was respectful of each of its member's beliefs.

    “BAT thinks that if bhang is legalized, then it will be a threat to its business. I will have them banned from operating in Kenya,” he added.

    According to the aspirant, his plan will also see farmers in the western region turn to marijuana farming as an alternative to the sugarcane trade that has been performing poorly in the past decade.

    Musa added that his proposal will ease the war on drugs given that resources have been spent in fighting bhang users when there are other more pressing matters.

    Here is Chekai Musa's campaign poster:

    drug died fight