VIDEO: Jimmy Gait's 'Sponsor' Heavily Criticised

  • Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait on Saturday came under scathing attack from the public after the release of his new song 'Yesu ndio Sponsor'.

    The song which was unveiled on Friday was heavily condemned by a section of the public who picked an issue with Gait for referring to Jesus as a 'sponsor'.

    In Kenya, a sponsor is a man or woman especially elderly ones who finance the lifestyles of younger men or women for sexual favours. 'Sponsor' has become a household name in the country owing to growing trend that is now being condemned for encouraging a shorter route to riches. 

    According to the singer, the song is dedicated to young people looking for wealth in the wrong places.

    “This song is dedicated to young people who want an easy life and quick success to remind them that Jesus is the real Sponsor who when they come to Him can get all they need, of course through the right ways, and not regret later[sic],” reads the song's publication on YouTube.

    Critics on social media bashed Gait over his choice of words in the song that they deemed 'disrespectful to God'.

    The musician was also reminded of his Muhadhara hit in which he was urging his fans to flee from 'sugar mummies and daddies'.

    Last year, Gait was blasted after he released his cover of Hello by British singer Adele.

    Here are the reaction:

    So Jimmy gait ametoa song inaitwa sponsor ni yesu?? So imefika ni kucompare yesu na Kenyan politicians? "Isokay isorait"

    — Rapcha Sayantist (@IAMRAPCHA) June 25, 2016

    Jimmy Gait actually said Yesu ni Sponsor. C'mon, I thought it was an internet joke/dare which got too far.

    — M (@deMaitha) June 25, 2016

    What is Jimmy gait smoking? These are the questions we should want answers to people

    — Emmanuel Lumumba (@sniffmanuell) June 25, 2016

    Seriously speaking Jimmy Gait needs to be taken to mathare hospital after Yesu ndio Sponsor next utaskia Yesu ndio IEBC

    — Tee Jay (@thomjoel) June 25, 2016

    Guys let us look for someone to assist Jimmy Gait write a relevant song. Time to intervene and help a brother out.

    — BigWill (@Williamongare) June 25, 2016

    How Jimmy Gait and his partners in crime are Joking with The Almighty

    — Muiruri arap Kamande (@EddyKamande) June 25, 2016

    Jimmy Gait this is becoming too much hebu achanga Kutubeba na Kutupima Haitosii

    — kennedy obull (@kennedy_kobull) June 25, 2016

    Jimmy Gait this is becoming too much hebu achanga Kutubeba na Kutupima Haitosii

    — kennedy obull (@kennedy_kobull) June 25, 2016

    Jimmy gait forgot the sponsoree in muhadhara song

    — Humble Pie (@muriuki_samuel) June 25, 2016

    Jimmy Gait mungu anakuona, isorait, ati yesu amekuwa sponsor nowadays,?? Si ni wewe ulituambia tuhepe masponsor na sugar mummies ni mhadhara

    — Kayeli ™ (@kayelian1) June 25, 2016

    Here is the video: