Caleb Karuga

Caleb Karuga is the textbook definition of resilience, epitomising the saying that whatever happens, life has to move on.

The journalist-turned-entrepreneur ventured into agribusiness in 2013 after he unexpectedly lost his TV job. 

As a journalist, Karuga was earning less than Ksh100,000 per month but two years after venturing into poultry farming, he was making close to Ksh1 million. 

His farm, Wendy Farms Limited, has now become a hub for ambitious Kenyans trying to venture into poultry farming. 

Hundreds of curious Kenyans troop to his farm every day to be taught how to run a successful agribusiness. 

Apart from physical visits to his farm where he offers tips on agribusiness at a price, Karuga also runs a YouTube channel documenting his farming techniques.

He explains that most Kenyans do not invest in farming because they perceive it as a high-risk venture only practised by rural folks. 

“I started this channel to debunk the myths and perceptions associated with agriculture. Having practised farming for over ten years,” he explains how he is contributing to society in attaining food security and self-sustainability. 

In a journey that started with a few chickens, Wendy Farm also now boasts of quails, dairy goats and cows. 

Karuga also grows butternut, strawberry, sweet potatoes and sunflowers.