Elizabeth Wathuti

In September 2023, Elizabeth Wathuti, a 28-year-old climate activist, became the winner of the prestigious Time100 Impact Award.

This was in recognition of her dedication to environmental conservation and her work in crafting a three-year strategy for the Wangari Maathai Youth Hub.

The journey to receiving the award started in 2016 when she founded the Green Generation Initiative in 2016, which has since planted more than 30,000 trees in Kenya. 

The environmentalist describes her goal as to sow the seeds of climate consciousness and advocacy in other young people, teaching them to "clean their own air, grow their own food, and create their own green spaces"

Wathuti has earned international commendations for her efforts to bring different species of fruit trees to schools in Kenya and for encouraging students to interact with nature. 

In September 2023, through the Wangari Maathai Youth Hub, she was the lead coordinator of the first-ever African Youth Climate Assembly. 

While receiving her Time100 Impact Award in Singapore, Wathuti remarked that her dream was to one day be the United Nations Secretary-General. 

“This recognition is not just about me; it's a spotlight on the energy, innovation, and resilience of a generation determined to shape a brighter future for our communities and the planet,” her acceptance speech read in part.