Esther Kazungu

In the current digital world, creativity is a currency. 

Esther Kazungu, a former video journalist and actor, has capitalized on this trend, transforming content creation into a thriving full-time career.

Renowned for her TikTok skits, she skillfully mimics South African Parliamentarians, captivating audiences and gaining substantial traction.

Her ingenuity catapulted her into the limelight, leading to a notable interview with a South African news channel. 

During the interview, Kazungu disclosed that Ndlozi, one of her portrayed characters, holds a special place as her favourite. 

Recently, Kazungu's remarkable contributions to digital content creation were acknowledged as she earned a nomination in the Women in Film Awards for the Best Digital Content Creator category. 

Kazungu graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Linguistics, Media, and Communication and despite a promising internship at Radio Africa Group, her career at that point did not pan out as expected. 

She would later secure an acting gig at Royal Media Services which helped set up the foundations for a future successful career.

If she isn’t recording her TikTok skits or sharing her spiritual journey through her YouTube channel, Kazungu is at the forefront of championing for better service delivery by the government.

Through persistent tweeting and video creation on her channel, Esther Kazungu successfully expedited the processing of her passport, which had been delayed for over a year. 

Recently, she shared on X that her vocal expressions on the platform played a pivotal role in prompting Kenya Power to address and resolve an electrical issue at her parent's home.