Muthoni the Drama Queen

Muthoni Ndonga alias Muthoni the Drummer Queen, is a musician and one of the most successful event organisers in Kenya.

She has had a successful career in the Kenyan music industry where she has released countless hits spanning various genres including Nai ni Ya WhoSuzie Noma, Power, African Fever and Vile Inafaa.

Although she has had an illustrious music career, her event organising business has even been more successful.

She is the founder of the festivals Africa Nouveau and Blankets & Wine in East Africa.

“Being an event organiser is one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. There have been good earnings but it is especially challenging trying to do that and being a self-managed artist as well. It was an extremely difficult period and initially, it actually made me sick,” Muthoni said during one of her interviews.