Navalayo Osembo Ombati

Navalayo Osembo Ombati is the co-founder of Kenya’s home-made athletic running shoes- Enda Sportswear, a sports shoes production company based in Kilifi Town.

Enda is the first manufacturer of professional running shoes in Africa.

Due to her great passion for sports, she gave up a job at the United Nations in New York and decided to focus on shoe making.

Ombati started a sports academy in Bungoma, Western Kenya aimed at providing sports proteges from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity of professional training with their education also put into consideration.

Together with her co-founder Weldon Kennedy, they raised Ksh12.9 million ($120,000) which they used to set up Enda-Sportswear.

Her target is to see the Sportswear company become among the top three-sport shoes in the world in the next five years.

In addition, she is a trained lawyer and accountant, with experience in risk management, results-based management and writing.