Rosemary Bosibori Onyancha

In October 2023, the African Union (AU) recognised Rosemary Bosibori Onyancha as the winner of the AU Continental Best Teacher Award. 

Onyancha who teaches at Moi Forces Academy Lanet in Nakuru was honoured with the award that recognises outstanding teachers in Africa who have made exceptional contributions to education. 

Onyancha has spent her entire career as an educator, dedicated to nurturing young minds and promoting excellence in education.

Her entire teaching career spanning over two decades has been spent at Moi Forces Academy Lanet. 

Understanding the needs and challenges of the 21st century, Onyancha has shown commitment to incorporating technology into education.

She explains that this is borne out of a desire to prepare students who pass through her care for the digital age. 

In her journey towards becoming Africa’s best teacher, she beat 108 fellow tutors spread over 54 countries in the continent. 

“I will inspire more teachers to bring fresh perspectives and skills, experience, and commitment to our learners in this crucial subject of technology,” she spoke moments after she won the award.