Sitawa Wafula.

Wafula is a three-time award winning mental health and epilepsy crusader.

Some of her outstanding accolades include the Google Africa Connected Winner 2014, the

2013 Activist of the Year and the 2013 East Africa Youth Philanthropist.

She runs a mental health social enterprise called My Mind, My Funk and Kenya’s free mental health SMS help line.

All of her work was born from her experience as a rape survivor, and living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar disorder.

Despite her challenges, Sitawa still believes that this world is beautiful. She spends her time providing information and support for those who suffer from what others consider a taboo or curse.

According to the Africa Mental Health Foundation, there are only 79 working psychiatrists in the East African Region. That’s one for every 500,000 people. 

Short of training, Wafula wanted to find a way to make mental health resources more widely available.