Wachira Waruru


Wachira Waruru is the Group Managing Director of Royal Media Services which owns Citizen TV, Inooro TV and 12 other radio stations.

In September this year, under his supervision, the station’s elite investigative reporters Asha Mwilu and Waihiga Mwaura exposed brazen corruption that cost the Maasai Mara University approximately Ksh190 million.

Vice-Chancellor Mary Walingo was kicked sent on compulsory leave on Wednesday, September 11, soon after the damning exposé on Citizen TV.

Throughout his tenure as the RMS boss, the station achieved a significant bump in viewership, largely due to its assorted content which included local shows.

His rise to the top of the news business has been gradual and steady until 2018 when he got elected unopposed to become the chairman of the Media Owners Association (MOA). At the same time, he doubled as the chairman of the Presidential Debate.