Winnie Njenga

Winnie Njenga is a Kenyan doctor and a dermatologist attached to Kiambu Level 5 Hospital.

What stands out about her is that most of her colleagues describe her as a trailblazer.

 Dr. Njenga recently catapulted to the national limelight due to her dedication to medical research.

In early October, she achieved a significant milestone by securing the Roche-Posay annual Research Grants, a prestigious accolade valued at Ksh4 million due to her research titled "The Quality of Life in Children, Teenagers, and Adults Diagnosed with Eczema in Kenya.

The funds granted to her are poised to play a crucial role in advancing dermatological research and shedding light on the experiences of those living with eczema in Kenya.

“We’re proud that this year’s winner is a Kenyan doctor who also happens to be the first African to win the grant to further her research project which shows immense potential for improving the lives of dermatological patients in Kenya,” L’Oréal East Africa Managing Director Yassine Bakkari celebrated at the time.

Dr. Njenga is also a board-certified aesthetician at Dermallure Skin Centre. Following her recent win, she is set to be granted membership by the French Chamber of Commerce.