Caleb Kositany

Caleb Kositany is the current Member of Parliament for Soy Constituency

Caleb Kositany is the current Member of Parliament for Soy Constituency. Kositany was replaced as Jubilee Deputy Secretary-General, and his position given to his Cherangany counterpart Joshua Kutuny. 

The ouster is said to have been prompted by his dalliance with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party - despite being a Jubilee politician.

Before his ouster, Kositany wrote to the Jubilee leadership in July 2020 seeking to be furnished with the documents detailing the party’s transaction for the past four financial years.

He highlighted twelve demands and gave the ruling party an ultimatum to avail the documents.

He argued that he was acting on behalf of the over 100 MPs and over 500 ward reps who are members of the party. 

Kositany in a rather bold move called on the party leadership to avail approved budgets for financial years running from 2016 to 2020, procurement records, reports and all committee minutes for the financial years, certified bank accounts and cash books.

His supporters believed he was fighting a just course - to ensure transparency in party politics.