Charles Ringera

Ringera is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB). He is a veteran banker with over 20 years of experience that cuts across regulatory and commercial banking. 

Ringera holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in applied accounting and a Master of Business Administration in strategic management.

Ringera previously worked as a regulator with the Central Bank of Kenya before moving to Co-operative Bank in 2004. He initially worked as a Senior Credit Risk Analyst but rose through the ranks to become the senior manager in risk management. 

In 2006, he moved to KCB Group heading the operational risk and compliance department. 

In 2020, Ringera cushioned the unemployed Kenyan youth during the Covid-19 pandemic as the HELB board waived the Ksh1,000 compliance certificate fee for non-beneficiaries. 

Ringera noted that the fee was punitive especially to the unemployed youth who were not beneficiaries of the student loans.