Red Fourth Chorus


It is in Upper Hill School Nairobi, that some of the
most notable musicians discovered and crafted their 
gifts. legends Pete Odera, Abbi Mudunia, the Sanaa 
family, are among the pioneer contemporary 
musicians that are known to have studied music at 
Upper Hill. It is said that around 1992-1994, afew
young men decided to form a christian union singing
group, that would spread the word through acapella
singing, as the school only had an old piano for an 
instrument and there was no other way of sharing music 
other than through singing. The less than a dozen boys, 
formed an acapella group the called ‘voice in the light’.
this was the beginning of a singing culture and 
particularly of gospel music that has helped many in 
schools, churches and other venues experience the 
gift that god so generously gave to this school.
through ‘Voice in the light’, many groups have been
born, that have continued to achieve great success in the 
kenyan music scene and international. Some of these 
groups, still active or defunct include, Tamaka of 1997,
Votaries of 2000, Pentamony of 2002, Sauti Sol of 2005, 
anto neo soul of 2005, Bryan(elani) of 2006, Aziza of 2007
Scott the violinist of 2009.
What was common in all the members of these groups was
that they all belonged to the school choir. it was 
mandatory for all members of ‘voice in the light’, to be 
part of the school choir that was always a top performer
at the Kenya Music Festival, the largest of its kind in the
previous teachers and vocal trainers were responsible
for the success of this choir. they are, grace mwele, 
isaac kavehere, adams andera and the latest and current
trainer, former student and chairman of the choir,
Philip ‘Fil-ah’ Tuju.
the Upper Hill School choir has achieved its greatest 
success under the leadership of Philip Tuju. 
in honor of the rich history of great voices of song 
that Upper Hill has produced, Philip ‘Fil-ah Tuju and
the RedFourth Chorus of the school choir present,

Image of Red Fourth Chorus