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My Ex-Girlfriend's Fiancé Saved Me From Embarrassment

I recently bumped into my ex-girlfriend. Whoever said exes are brought into your life to build you clearly never ran into one inside a fancy shopping mall.

Stacie and I dated for 3 years. She would then travel to the UK in 2017 for further education. Yes, I'm blaming higher learning for our break up.

We tried keeping in touch but absence makes the heart do some weird things, and we soon agreed that it was best to just move on.

5 Fintechs Shortlisted for Co-op Bank’s Ksh 5 Million Akili Kali Innovators Challenge

Five (5) fintechs that were shortlisted to participate in Cooperative Bank’s Akili Kali Innovation Challenge have been undergoing a 5-week co-development and co-design program supported by a dedicated team from Co-operative Bank and nominated Cooperatives, after which a virtual demo event will be held to select one or more winners.

The winner stands to be awarded a cash reward of up to Ksh 5 Milion and an opportunity to integrate and launch their innovation with Co-operative bank.

Simple Car Loan Saves Neighbourhood

Have you ever taken time to recall and reflect on that single decision that ended up changing your entire life? I did.

I  have had sometime to reflect and came to the realization that the reason my small gated estate is throwing a thanksgiving party during a global pandemic can only be tracked back to a single decision that we arrived at after this parliament-level heated debate we had.

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