• 4:52 pm

    Germany increases Covid-19 restrictions including longer school closures and travel limits

  • 4:33 pm

    British Billionaire Richard Branson's mother dies after Covid-19 battle

  • 4:16 pm

    South Africa: Hospitals overwhelmed as more people test Covid-19 positive after festive-holiday travel

  • 4:00 pm

    Zimbabwe issues new burial restrictions as part of efforts to curb spread of Covid-19

  • 3:35 pm

    There are 687 Covid-19 patients in Kenyan hospitals, 31 of them are in ICU

  • 3:00 pm

    Israel has so far vaccinated 20 percent of its population, making it the world's fastest 

  • 2:40 pm

    Palestinians to receive Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine within a month

  • 2:22 pm

    China: Half a million people on lockdown in Beijing despite less than a 100 Covid-19 cases

  • 1:59 pm

    Malaysia imposes strict lockdown in over half the country to fight a coronavirus surge

  • 1:38 pm

    UK: Clinical trials begin for a new nasal spray that allegedly kills 99.9% of the coronavirus

  • 1:21 pm

    France: Govt officials says they are targeting to vaccinate 10-15 million people by end of March and 25-30 million people by end of June

  • 12:59 pm

    Indonesia: Authorities allow emergency use of a vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech

  • 12:17 pm

    Malta: learning resumes as teachers end a two-day strike after the government agreed to give them priority in Coviid-19 vaccination

  • 11:55 am

    US: Two mass vaccination locations opened in New York City 

  • 11:39 am

    WHO expert says China visit unlikely to offer major results on origins of Covid-19

  • 11:20 am

    Vatican: Pope Francis' personal doctor dies of Covid-19 complications

  • 10:58 am

    UK: Health officials warns Covid-19 crisis will get worse before it gets better

  • 10:39 am

    Japan: Opinion poll shows 80 percent of the population is opposed to Tokyo Olympics Games

  • 10:15 am

    Mexico: President's spokesman tests positive for coronavirus

  • 9:38 am

    India to roll out mass coronavirus vaccine rollout from Saturday

  • 9:21 am

    China says WHO experts will be allowed "within days" to probe origins of Covid-19 

  • 8:59 am

    One in five people in England may have had coronavirus, new modeling suggests

  • 8:41 am

    Russia confirms its first case of the more infectious coronavirus variant found in England

  • 8:18 am

    US House lawmakers may have been exposed to someone testing positive for Covid-19 during insurrection

  • 7:59 am

    New UK Covid strain first recorded in Britain confirmed in Mexico.

  • 7:33 am

    China records its highest daily Covid-19 case rise in over 5 months.

  • 7:15 am

    England mass vaccination sites set to open as global Covid-19 cases pass 90 million.

  • 6:00 pm

    UK: Around 2 million people were vaccinated last week  against Covid-19

  • 5:45 pm

    UK Covid-19 variant extremely unlikely to evade vaccines, scientists say

  • 5:30 pm

    A new coronavirus variant has been detected in four travellers from Brazil’s Amazonas state

  • 5:15 pm

    Cyprus: Three-week lockdown begins

  • 4:45 pm

    Madrid hospital staff walk for hours to relieve colleagues after snow storm

  • 4:30 pm

    UK ambulance crews wait up to nine hours to transfer patients to hospital

  • 4:15 pm

    Germany: Growing frustration in over slow vaccine rollout

  • 3:50 pm

    UK: Millions of workers stand to benefit if they can show valid reason, including having to home school children

  • 3:15 pm

    Israel targets most vulnerable citizens in vaccine campaign drive

  • 3:00 pm

    Germany: People are growing increasingly frustrated by the slow rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine

  • 2:45 pm

    Belgium’s death toll from coronavirus infections has breached the 20,000 mark

  • 2:25 pm

    UK: Ambulance services are under “unprecedented pressure” as cases spike

  • 2:05 pm

    Rome: Pope's personal doctor dies from Covid-19 complications

  • 1:45 pm

    Covid-19 sleuth shames Brazil's party people as deaths pass 200,000

  • 1:35 pm

    South Africa is struggling to contain a second wave of Covid-19 infections

  • 1:15 pm

    Cuba to run phase three trials of its vaccine in Iran, due to the difficulty of testing in Cuba

  • 12:45 pm

    US health workers' vaccine hesitancy highlights need to address concerns

  • 12:30 pm

    Spain to send Covid-19 vaccine and food supplies to areas cut off by Storm Filomena

  • 12:15 pm

    Russia has reported 22,851 new Covid-19 cases including 4,216 in Moscow

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