• 10:55 am

    Australia suspends international flights to Melbourne for five days

  • 10:40 am

    Australia: New South Wales is tracing 7,000 people who went through Melbourne airport on 9 February

  • 9:58 am

    France reports 20,701 new confirmed cases over the past 24 hours

  • 9:39 am

    New Zealand has reported the death of a person with Covid-19 – but not from Covid-19

  • 9:16 am

    Algerian President returns home after one month stay in Germany for surgery due to post-Covid-19 complications.

  • 8:56 am

    Portugal extends its Covid-19 border controls with Spain until March

  • 8:35 am

    US: CDC says schools can restart in-school learning even without Covid-19 vaccine

  • 8:18 am

    The lower house of the Czech parliament has refused to extend a state of emergency despite surge in cases

  • 7:59 am

    WHO says drop in confirmed Covid-19 cases across the globe is encouraging

  • 7:32 am

    Mexico city’s Covid-19 threat level has officially been lowered after two months of strict lockdown measures

  • 7:09 am

    Serbia has been approved to produce the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

  • 6:09 pm

    Kenya assures all purchased Covid-19 vaccines will undergo trials to ensure safety.

  • 5:12 pm

    Kenya Govt to buy 35M doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca,
    Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson

  • 4:39 pm

    Norway's economy contracted 2.5 percent in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic

  • 4:10 pm

    Ireland dramatically curbs the spread of the Covid-19 virus after lockdown

  • 3:42 pm

    Pfizer and Moderna are testing vaccines on children aged 12 and older

  • 3:09 pm

    Japan to discard millions of Pfizer vaccine doses because it has wrong syringes

  • 2:45 pm

    Ukraine to get 50 million euros from European Investment Bank to buy Covid-19 vaccines

  • 2:20 pm

    Germany to have difficulties making use of all available Covid-19 vaccines in April

  • 1:53 pm

    France advises single vaccine dose for those who had Covid-19

  • 1:18 pm

    Brazil says its Covid-19 variant  maybe “three times” as contagious as other strains

  • 12:59 pm

    US: Donald Trump was reportedly much more ill with Covid-19 in October than the White House publicly admitted

  • 12:41 pm

    Australia: Melbourne to go into a five-day snap lockdown

  • 12:17 pm

    UK: Boris Johnson faces fresh questions about whether he acted too slowly in the run-up to Christmas

  • 12:00 pm

    Norway’s economy contracted 2.5 percent in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

  • 11:40 am

    UK to set out lockdown easing on 22 February

  • 11:20 am

    Coronavirus infections rising again in Hungary due to UK strain

  • 10:57 am

    Mexico authorises China Sinovac vaccine

  • 10:36 am

    WHO says all hypotheses remain open after probe team dismisses lab leak

  • 10:17 am

    Castilla La Mancha region of Spain announces an easing of its coronavirus restrictions

  • 9:56 am

    No need to quarantine after Covid-19 contact if fully vaccinated - US CDC

  • 9:37 am

    Germany: Berlin’s international film festival in March will feature 15 movies made under the pandemic

  • 9:19 am

    France to send law enforcement its overseas territory of Mayotte where Covid-19 has resulted in increased crime

  • 8:55 am

    India: regional govt asks the federal government to halt the supply of a homegrown vaccine over efficacy concerns

  • 8:36 am

    New Zealand will receive its first batch of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine next week

  • 8:12 am

    Luxembourg and France to send doctors and nurses to help Covid-19 ravaged Portuguese hospitals

  • 7:52 am

    Portugal extends lockdown until 1 March 2021

  • 7:30 am

    Brazil reports 54,742 new confirmed Covid cases in the past 24 hours

  • 7:10 am

    US finalises an order for 200 million more vaccine doses – 100m doses each from Pfizer and Moderna 

  • 6:00 pm

    Germany to ban travel from Czech border regions as well as Austria’s Tyrol region

  • 5:40 pm

    Zimbabwe to receive 800,000 coronavirus vaccine doses developed by China’s Sinopharm

  • 5:20 pm

    Croatia says it will ease restrictive measures to fight the spread of the coronavirus

  • 4:55 pm

    Sweden records its lowest daily number of Covid deaths in more than two months

  • 4:39 pm

    Morocco receives second batch of 4m doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine

  • 4:20 pm

    German leaders say they cannot rule out shutting the country’s borders 

  • 3:57 pm

    China has recorded its lowest number of new cases in five months

  • 3:38 pm

    Study by the US CDC has shown wearing two masks can “substantially reduce” exposure to Covid-19

  • 3:20 pm

    A cheap and widely available asthma drug called budesonide found to reduce risk of being seriously ill with Covid-19

  • 2:59 pm

    Italy reopens its ski resorts in Lombardy, the region worst hit by the coronavirus

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