NRG Radio Unveils Kenya's First Digital Mainstream Awards Show

  • A BMW car with NRG Radio branding
    A BMW car with NRG Radio branding
  • NRG Radio has continued stamping its authority as Kenya’s best digital radio by launching Kenya’s first ever digital main-stream awards show. 

    According to a press release sent to, The NRG Fanfave Awards will celebrate Kenyan musicians and other young talents who are making a great impact in the creative arts scene. 

    A promotional poster for The NRG Fanfave Awards
    A promotional poster for The NRG Fanfave Awards

    It will also motivate gifted young people to showcase their various talents in the music and creative industry. 

    “Everything NRG radio does is to empower young musicians and creatives. Our central ethos for the award is to be more than just an awards ceremony to connect and showcase their creative work through different platforms especially with this new way of life that has been handed to us,” NRG Radio Head of Broadcast Kevin B stated. 

    The awards will feature categories for male and female artists, group acts, upcoming musicians, gospel artists as well as the best song of the year. 

    As a testament that NRG is a force to reckon with in the digital space, the awards will also feature YouTubers, Kenyans on Twitter, Instagram as well as content creators. 

    With Kenyan musicians having set the bar high over the years, the song of the year and collaboration of the year categories are expected to be very competitive. 

    Kenya’s unique matatus have become an extension of the entertainment industry over the years and the best will also be showcased on the award show. 

    DJs who help promote local music in clubs, outdoor events and online mixes will also go head to head to be named the best.  

    NRG Fanfave Awards will celebrate TV stars, actors and Kenyans who have contributed to the development of local lingo by awarding the catch phrase of the year. 

    The award show will also celebrate true agents of positive change who are the truly inspiring musicians and young creatives.

    The voting will open on July 24, 2020 from 4 pm on the radio station’s website. 

    A promotional poster for The NRG Fanfave Awards
    A promotional poster for The NRG Fanfave Awards