Kinyozi Guy's Advice Saves Accountant

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    An employee going through documents at work. (Model - John Mbati)
    Kevin Korir
  • Ben’s executive barbershop is the most favourite local meeting point in our estate. This guy’s business actually gives restaurants and wines and spirits a run for their money -  not so much for the business he runs, but for the stories he tells. 

    However, he also generates a lot of income from the traffic at his place as he opened a beverage shop where customers can sit, enjoy soft drinks and also access mobile money transactions. For his services, Ben charges a premium as he has made a name for himself and has loyal customers. 

    Life tips, arguments, entertainment and media news. The guy knows it all. I wouldn’t per se call him a wiseacre as he doesn't brag about. The way he weaves his stories around his experience, from playing football with Dennis Oliech, shaking the President’s hand at a project launch downtown to luckily securing his capital after pushing a tycoon’s car stuck in the mud. 

    During my job-seeking days, I used to pass by his shop to listen to his escapades and advice to men on marriage and how to invest in a business. Football is his greatest sport, one that he can argue all day. By the way, he has a way of winning. I don’t know how, but we call it Ben’s way. 

    Whether most of the stories were real or fiction, most if not all of those who have interacted with him will tell you that he usually has advice for all situations. “I only advise you on what to do, I do not decide for you,” goes Mike’s famous phrase. 

    Not long ago, I got my dream job at a tax and accounting firm in the city and phewks! the early days were tedious. The pressure of settling in, understanding the culture, impressing the bosses and filling data. Sometimes the workload was heavy and demanding as clients streamed in throughout the day with others filing online demands. Being fresh from campus, I found a new world I had no knowledge of. 

    While in school, we used to dream of walking into work, making easy money, having a family, and driving expensive cars. We graduated, right? We have papers huh? That’s what my small boys club and I used to brag about after school. 

    A realisation that all these are valid, but one has to work smart and not hard hit me on my first weeks at work. Balancing work and life was quite hard and I was worried that I would miss watching the upcoming UEFA Euro 2020 as most games are set for 4 pm to 10 pm from June 11 to July 11 2021.

    The Uefa Euro 2020 will be played in 11 stadiums across 11 countries in Europe
    The Uefa Euro 2020 will be played in 11 stadiums across 11 countries in Europe

    Either I would get home late after being stuck in traffic or get home tired and would focus on preparing myself for work. On the weekend, I passed by Ben’s barbershop to chit chat and I filled him in on my woes. I had spoken to a number of friends and family members but Ben, this guy Ben had to have a say. 

    “You don’t have to worry Dave (short for Davis). All you have to do is focus on learning your trade. No one rises to the top that fast. With time you will find it easier to finish work, save some for the next day and how to schedule your clients,” he advised as he trimmed my beard. “On football, there is nowhere else better to watch the Euro 2020 games than Showmax,” he said while breaking into his trademark laughter. 

    Ben took my phone and showed me through the Showmax mobile website where I found out that subscribers across Africa are able to live stream all matches of the Euro 2020 on the streaming service. Football fans across the continent will be able to stream every match of the UEFA Euro 2020, which runs from 11 June to 11 July 2021, on Showmax Pro.

    UEFA Euro traditionally produces outstanding soccer, with many of the world’s leading players given a grand stage. There will be spectator limits in place, and matches will be held in 11 cities across 11 countries – a “romantic gesture”, according to UEFA, to celebrate the 60th birthday of the tournament. Viewers are promised a one-of-a-kind spectacle, with the stark differences between the host cities contributing to the uniqueness of the event.

    Portugal will be defending the championship, although France, Belgium and England are all rated higher, and will be playing with high expectations from fans.  

    In Kenya, one can subscribe to Showmax Pro at Ksh 2,100 per month for all gadgets and Ksh1,050 per month for mobile phones. 

    On my way home from Ben’s Kinyozi, I was glued to my phone watching the Road to UEFA Euro 2020 on Showmax. The show provides a summary of the qualification matches, in-depth analysis of the team and the players who will participate in the tourney. 

    You can actually watch the games on Showmax Pro anywhere anytime. What are you waiting for to subscribe?

    Showmax Pro will live stream the Uefa Euro 2020 matches