Delivery Guy With Wrong Package Interrupts Ruracio

  • Ladies hide their faces as groom tries to identify lover during a past ruracio ceremony.
    Ladies hide their faces as groom tries to identify lover during a past ruracio ceremony.
  • My Ruracio was one hell of an event last week I tell you. 

    From tracking my soon-to-be wife Lila hiding behind a leso with six other women, to chasing her to pop a pink balloon.

    Wait. I never knew that during the wife identification ceremony (hiding behind lesos) there was always a cheat code that needed to be applied.

    "How can one even identify his woman from the group without failing?" I asked my aunt Phiona on the day she arrived at our home in Kahawa Wendani.

    She laughed and asked me to get to know her well before the event. She then whispered in my ears, "Leonard, just ask her to stamp her right foot."

    Ahhh. Puzzle solved. 

    When chasing her to pop the pink balloon, I definitely had to let her win.

    How can a man like me pop a pink balloon? Pink? Naah! 

    I recently even declined to drive my friend, Kate's pink Vitz. Haa!

    I was never a fan of these Ruracio games but my sister motivated me to participate.

    "It's Lila's day. Even the baby showers are always for her. The wedding too. It's a woman's day," she advised.

    Indeed, all I wanted was to see her happy and smiling. She meant the world to me. 

    A precious soul, that beautiful flower that pricks my heart. The most educated woman in the village. She looked lovely.

    Lila caught me staring at her and she smiled.

    I met her a few years back while in a matatu commuting to Nairobi CBD.

    At first, I was quite shy talking to her. She looked stunning but had her earphones on. 

    Sometimes I have seen men afraid of talking to ladies inside matatus. Like one day, I saw this guy glancing at a lady and then looking away when she spotted him.

    When alighting, he looked back and their eyes locked. They both laughed, and the guy alighted. Chance gone.

    By now, you probably know that guy, huh! I didn't say it's me, but if you know you know.

    So this day, I would not let that chance pass me. At least I try.

    I saw how her eyes were focused on her phone, watching a wedding video.

    "That's a lovely wedding," I stated while tapping her shoulder. I don't even know where I summed up the courage from. 

    "What?" She asked, taking her earphones off her ears.

    "That's a lovely wedding," I repeated. She laughed and we spoke of how weddings ought to be conducted and one talk to another.

    Listening to her sound so excited and from a wedding discussion, one thing led to another and here we were, doing our own.

    "Would you like a drink?" My aunt Phiona asked, jolting my mind back to the event.

    "Yes," I responded and she passed me a bottle of Coca-Cola.

    People enjoying Coca-Cola with a meal
    People enjoy Coca-Cola drinks with a meal.

    So refreshing, especially after chasing Lila to pop the balloon. And more Ruracio games followed.

    But there was an abrupt pause which caught my attention. And there was an interruption for a few minutes..

    "There is a delivery guy who has caught the emcee's attention. The two are arguing at the gate," my younger brother who went to find out what was happening informed me.

    "Has he caused a scene? What does he want?" I asked.

    "Says he has a package he was to deliver to a venue, but he got lost and thought this was the venue," my bro added.

    "He wants to see someone. He insists this house was where he was sent to. He can't recall the name."

    "Wamemwambia hakuna delivery tunangoja hapa haskii," a woman at the back added. 

    So I stepped out to handle the issue by myself. Such a small scuffle.

    And he identified me. 

    "Leonard right?" He asked and I nodded.

    Everyone was surprisingly calm. He handed me a package wrapped in pink and with a pink balloon.

    "Your wife asked me to deliver this to you."

    But Lila was here with me…

    "You'll have to pop the pink balloon. You thought you'd escape," my aunt laughed. It was all a prank.

    They had just but conspired to fix me.

    Inside, is an amazing watch. A gift from Lila.

    After the ruracio was almost over. The delivery guy passed by to catch up, and we laughed at the prank.

    "Man, I wish you a happy wedding. Anyways, seeing lots of drinks here, have you tried the Coca-Cola promotion? I just won some airtime when I participated a few minutes ago.

    "Just another prank huh!" I responded, brushing him aside.

    But he insisted.

    "Coca-Cola is offering five slots for individuals to go watch the FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar. 

    "Just send the eight-digit code under the crown to 40111, you could win other things such as airtime and hard cash. Thank me later." He added and walked off to serve food buffet-style.

    "What are you smiling at?" Lila, my fiance asked a few minutes after she caught up with me.

    "Your delivery guy just showed me some Coke promo and I won myself some airtime. Free airtime. At first, I thought it was your prank again."

    Lila laughed and kissed me on the left cheek.

    A poster announcing Coca-Cola prizes in the ongoing promotion
    A poster announcing Coca-Cola prizes in the ongoing promotion.