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Francis Amisi, known to most as Frasha is a versatile award winning rapper with success in music and fondly known to many as Dakitare for his day time job as a Physiotherapist. Frasha grew up in Athi River in the outskirts of Nairobi and started competing in rap battles at an early age. Frasha attended Machakos Boys High School. While attending Machakos Boys High School, Frasha played football for his school team, a game he continued to play for bigger teams later on including East African Portland Cement, Kenyatta Hospital and Imara Daima Football Club. After High school Frasha joined Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in 1999 – 2002. It’s during this period that he and his childhood friend Bon’eye decided to pursue their childhood dreams of being re-known musicians, they recorded a few tracks together as Bonie and Frasha before teaming up with Gabu to form the group P-UNIT. Frasha later joined The Aga Khan Hospital and continued to practice as a Physiotherapist until 2011 after which he opted to quit and practice privately so as to concentrate on his music career. Frasha has collaborated with various artists among them Collo, Madtrax, Wyre, BigPin and STL. Frasha has his eyes on the entertainment industry as a business venture and always believes that hard work pays

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