Ministry of Health


This Ministry will be responsible for the development of policies aimed at the provision of high quality and affordable health care for the Kenyan people.
It will also be charged with amongst other functions the development of a well-trained and motivated workforce of health professionals, the ability to adequately respond to any public health related issues & emergencies and will have the added focus on preventive healthcare and the responsibility of encouraging private sector investment in the sector. 
<strong>Other Key Officers:&nbsp;</strong>
<em>Secretary of administration</em>
Mr. Francis Musyimi
<em>Director of Medical Services</em>
Dr. Francis Kimani
<em>Director of Public Health and Sanitation</em>
Dr. Shahmaaz Sharif
<li>Cancer Policy</li>
<li>Coordination of Campaign Against HIV/AIDS</li>
<li>Government Chemist</li>
<li>Health Education Management</li>
<li>Health Inspection and other Public Health Services</li>
<li>Health Policy and Standards Management</li>
<li>Medical Services Policy</li>
<li>National Health Referral Service</li>
<li>National Medical Laboratories Services</li>
<li>Nutrition Policy</li>
<li>Pharmacy and Medicines Control</li>
<li>Preventive Health Programmes including Health Services</li>
<li>Preventive, Promotive and Curative Health Services</li>
<li>Public Health and Sanitation Policy Management</li>
<li>Quarantine Administration</li>
<li>Registration of Doctors and Paramedics</li>
<li>Reproductive Health Policy</li>
<li>Government Chemist</li>
<li>Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)</li>
<li>Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA)</li>
<li>Kenya Medical Training Colleges (KMTC)</li>
<li>Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)</li>
<li>Moi Teaching &amp; Referral Hospital</li>
<li>National AIDS Control Council</li>
<li>National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)</li>
<li>Pharmacy &amp; Poisons Board</li>
<li>Radiation Protection Board</li>
<li>Referral Hospitals Authority</li>
Ministry of Health
Afya House, Cathedral Road
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