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Ian graduated from Daystar University in 2014 with a B.A in Communication. It was during his studies that he got an opportunity to intern at KTN in August 2013 and was employed 6 months later.

While in Daystar, Ian worked as a show host, reporter and news reader at Shine FM, the school radio station; to which he owes part of his growth and love for journalism.

Ian’s first trip to Northern Kenya, a region with minimal media coverage and immense marginalization, marked the beginning of his journey as a ‘Northern Kenya Correspondent’ (as he likes to refer to himself). Telling stories from the region gives him the satisfaction of changing the lives of hundreds who for years felt that they were not part of Kenya.

It also gave him an edge in reporting conflict stories. Ian covered the Garre and Degodia inter-clan conflicts in Wajir and Mandera; and the Turkana and Pokot conflict in the North-Rift Kenya.

Away from the newsroom, he loves travelling, photography, networking and reading novels.

He was endowed 2nd Runners Up, Young Journalist of the Year 2014 during the Media Council of Kenya Awards. 

Ian aims to be an infinite reporter and a voice for the voiceless.