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Kenrazy is a Kenyan ghipuka musician. His real name is Kenneth Aketch Oluoch Barnabas and he was born 29th Sept 1987. First he called himself H3 because all his names ended with a H, then in form 2 when he started doing his own songs the name changed to Kenrazy because every song he wrote and performed guys used to say he was crazy. So he took the C out of crazy and added Ken to form Kenrazy. He is signed unto Jomino Entertainment. His debut single “Ti Chi” was a massive hit in 2008. He then released Ashu kwa shu featuring V6 which also did very well. His latest single, Whoop! is one of the top songs in Kenya at the moment as well. His debut album is Gi-RF Kenrazy (Get it Right From Kenrazy).

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