Govt's Ambitious Plan to Link Kenya & Cameroon Coasts

A train crossing a bridge built across a sea
A train crossing a bridge built across a sea
Railway Technology

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen on Friday said the government intends to construct a modern railway line that links the Kenyan coast to the Atlantic Ocean.

The CS, who spoke during the launch of the Kenya Railway Strategic Plan (2023 to 2027), said that the construction of one of  Africa's longest railway lines was part of Kenya's economic agenda.

Murkomen who affirmed his commitment to making the visionary objective a reality, announced that the trackway would enhance trade between Kenya and countries globally.

According to the CS, the railway linking the Kenyan coast to the Atlantic would transverse several countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo and would end its length on the coast of Cameroon.

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen at a past meeting in his office.
Ministry of Transport

“I believe that Africa can be better connected if we are going to make sure we build the necessary infrastructure that will enable our people to connect and also grow their businesses,” the Transport Minister stated.

“The railway line transport has gained increased significance as an enabler of Kenya’s national development agenda," he added.

While exuding his commitment to lead the construction, Murkomen noted it would be a fulfilment of the dreams of the forefathers.

"If followed through and implemented to the latter, the objectives set in this plan will enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to national economic growth," Murkomen remarked.

The CS who lauded the Kenya Railways Service for the relentless efforts in transforming the country's transport system noted the government had come up with plans to boost the local rail transport system.

According to Murkomen, the ambitious strategic plan would help to modernize the Madaraka Express rail transport, the Nairobi Commuter rail, and the metered gauge railway passenger and freight services.

"The agenda includes developing and upgrading the railway infrastructure, increasing feign and passenger transport, and expanding the port of Mombasa market share which is a joint operation with Kenya Ports Authority," the CS announced.

"It will also help in building a skilful workforce within Kenya Railways and instituting environmental, social, and governance structures."

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train in transit
The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train in transit.
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