Deceased Reggae Star Njambi Koikai's Father, Daniel Koikai Passes Away

A photo collage of Daniel Koikai and media personality Njambi Koikai
A photo collage of Daniel Koikai and media personality Njambi Koikai

Media personality and Reggae MC Mary Njambi Koikai's father Daniel Koikai has reportedly passed away.

Sources privy to the information claim that Njambi's father allegedly died in the mid-morning of June 14, under unclear circumstances. 

According to reports, Koikai allegedly passed away while his daughter's burial ceremony was underway at Lang'ata Cemetery.

Daniel Koikai's death comes a day after he paid tribute to his late daughter in which he used the opportunity to apologise and ask for her forgiveness.

A side-to-side image of reggae MC Jahmby Koikai.
A side-to-side image of the late reggae MC Jahmby Koikai.
Jahmby Koikai

While acknowledging his shortcomings as a father, Koikai's dad eulogised Njambi and shared the final special moments he had with his daughter.

“Dear Njambi my daughter, the time has come for me to atone for my acts of omission or commission on your final journey from this world it has been one of the most difficult episodes in my life," Njambi's father eulogised.

"Especially for your close family members; your mother, sister aunts, uncles and colleagues in the media and friends in and out of the country,” he added.

His tragic death occurred with his daughter's death about a fortnight ago. Njambi allegedly succumbed at Nairobi Hospital after a long battle with endometriosis.

Meanwhile, Njambi Koikai before her death had asked Kenyans to donate blood to help her recover.

She had complained that late diagnosis and lack of treatment in the country made her endometriosis situation worse.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), endometriosis is a painful disorder where tissue similar to the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, causing inflammation.

"Hi fam, I am currently admitted at Pioneer Ward Nairobi Hospital and I kindly require blood O positive. Kindly asking for a blood donor for Mary Njambi Koikai,” she wrote on her X handle.

Counsellors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issue. Call the Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199, for support.

Reggae MC Jamby Koikai at a previous party.
The late reggae MC Jamby Koikai at a previous party.
Jahmby Koikai
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