14 Killed in Fresh Mandera Attack

  • At least 14 people have been confirmed dead and 10 others injured after suspected al-shabaab militants attacked a village near Mandera town.

    The 14 slain villagers include 13 stonemasons and one woman.

    Confirming the incident Mandera County Commissioner Alex Ole Nkoyo, said the attack happened at around 1am on Tuesday.

    The assailants are said to have descended on Soko Mbuzi village while the villagers were asleep in tents.

    According to a Nation report, the attackers planted grenades on the entrances of the tents of the victims.

    They then hurled petrol bombs on the tents before opening fire, which triggered the grenades to explode.

    According to a Star report, the heavily armed men -who are said to be 17 in number- are reported to have crossed from Somalia at Barwaqo settlement. 

    The Standard reports that the village is inhabited by non-locals with most of the victims being quarry workers.

    The attackers are said to have escaped to nearby bushes when police on patrol arrived at the scene.

    In December last year, Al-Shabaab militants killed 36 non-Muslim quarry workers in Mandera.

    The attack on the quarry workers also took place at night as the victims were sleeping in their tents in Koromey, about 15 kilometres from Mandera town.

    Image of al-shabaab militants
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