Mama Ngina Speaks on 2017 General Election

Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta publicly campaigned for her son, President Uhuru Kenyatta, during a burial ceremony of a close relative in Gatundu South constituency.

Mama Ngina expressed fears that the August 8 Election would be a tightly contested one, urging the youth to turn up in large numbers to vote back President Kenyatta.

She noted that her son had an agenda of leaving a legacy in the nation and re-electing him would ensure his dreams come to pass.

"Uhuru has a vision for this country that he is yet to fulfil, thus needs a second term as Head of State.

"I am urging all of you who are registered as voters to stand together to give Uhuru a win. Remember, having a voter's card is not just enough, please ensure on August 8 you wake up early in the morning to vote in Uhuru because the war won't be easy. The only way we will emerge victorious, is if we stand together," Ms Kenyatta was quoted by the eDaily.

The former First Lady assured the Gatundu residents that Mr Kenyatta did not have a preferred candidate in the constituency and would work with whoever was elected.

"You have heard the President saying, there is no one he prefers in Gatundu South Constituency for the Parliamentary seat. The leader will be purely a consequence of your choice," Mama Ngina noted.

This comes after Mama Ngina paid former President Daniel Moi a visit to allegedly urge him to support her son.