Hassan Joho Narrates His Childhood Life

  • Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has revealed little known details of his tough childhood.

    Addressing a press conference, Joho gave a narration of how he used to help cater for his family while still in school adding that he grew up differently from most people in the government.

    He divulged how he struggled to succeed in life including balancing his studies and paying for his own school fees.

    “I am different from President Uhuru Kenyatta. We are very different. If you grow up in a posh home and someone else grows up in a poor home there’s a huge difference. I have struggled a lot. I schooled during the day and hustled at night. I worked hard and paid my own school fees,” he stated.

    He admitted that he scored a D- in secondary school which he expressed his pride in since it was genuine.

    “I got a D- when I sat for my exams in 1993. This should not be used to mock me. Instead, it should be used to encourage those who failed in their exams that grades will not determine their future,” an emotional Joho remarked.

    He went ahead to say that he wished to inspire Kenyans and he still had a vision of becoming Kenya’s President in 2022 despite his academic performance.

    The governor accused members of the Jubilee Party of perpetuating witch-hunt against him adding that he expected more allegations against him.

    “I saw this coming. A lot more is coming. They want to lock me out of the ballot but I will not be intimidated,” he remarked.

    The ODM deputy leader accused his rivals of even investigating his birth certificate in a bid to lock him out of the August 8 General Election.

    Joho, however, vowed to continue questioning the government especially the cost of the Standard Gauge Railway project, the scandals at the Mombasa Port and land disputes that have been a long-standing issue at the coast.

    Hoho was speaking a day after being summoned by the DCI to be grilled over allegations of forging his KCSE result slip.

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