19 Students Sent Home After Debate on Homosexuality

  • St Mary’s Kibabii Boys High School in Bungoma County has suspended some of its students as the school’s administration investigates suspected homosexual relationships among students.

    The 19 students were collected from school by their parents after tension arose when students engaged in a debate on homosexuality.

    Citizen Tv reports that the school’s principal sent the boys home after he came upon what he called an animated debate on whether homosexuality is right or not.

    According to The Star, the debate got heated when some students accused those arguing for homosexuality of being gay.

    Their opponents in turn threatened them, bringing tensions to a high.

    The Principal, Mathews Namunwa, however insist that the boys-who were arguing for it- were only sent home for a few days and not suspended or expelled.

    He added that no reports of homosexuality have been reported in the school.

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    image of Kababii High gate