Cholera Outbreak Claims Lives of 3 People After a Wedding in Karen

  • Three people have been reported dead after attending a wedding in Karen, Nairobi, following complications developed from a cholera infection.

    The three were part of 400 guests who ate at the wedding where five others are still in hospital undergoing treatment for the same infection.

    "I only ate a small piece of fish and spinach at the wedding. By Monday, however, I had severe bouts of diarrhoea accompanied by extreme fatigue. By Wednesday, I was crawling on my knees; the pain was unbearable. The doctors say the dehydration affected my kidneys," one patient narrated.

    A sister to one of the deceased victims recounted details of how the infection claimed her brother's life.

    "They confirmed my brother had cholera. He fell ill on Monday morning and his wife rushed him to a hospital in Komarock later in the day at 5pm. But we lost him on Tuesday morning, at 2am. The postmortem report from Chiromo mortuary shows he died of severe dehydration and multiple organ failure," Ms Pamela Kerre relayed.

    When reached for  a comment, Nairobi County Health Executive Bernard Muia, confirmed the outbreak of Cholera in the City adding that they suspect the reported cases were transferred from Western Kenya by the victims who had travelled to attend the wedding.

    Mr Muia added that City Hall had set up treatment centres across the city to deal with the outbreak.

    Cholera is a serious waterborne disease that affects the small intestine and can kill within hours if left untreated. However, it can be successfully treated with oral rehydration solution.