10 Nairobi By-laws That Could Get You Arrested

  • Kenyans have often found themselves on the wrong side of the law due to lack of knowledge of some of the existing rules of the land, but as they say, ignorance is no defence.

    Nairobi County in particular, has some interesting by-laws which are less known to many and could get you arrested.

    Kenyans.co.ke has delved into ten of these laws which should be at your fingertips.

    1. If there are six or more persons waiting to enter a matatu at a bus terminus or designated stopping place, they must form a queue.

    2. Spitting on any footpath in Nairobi is illegal. You could also get into trouble for blowing your nose aimlessly other than into any suitable cloth or tissue. It is also unlawful to pick your nose in public.

    3. Pedestrians could also get apprehended for crossing the road while talking on their mobile phones.

    4. Another offence that will get car owners into trouble is if they are found washing or dismantling their vehicles on road reserves.

    5 Everyone who owns a building or house in Nairobi is required to have security lights installed in front of the building. The City Council also requires every building in the City to be painted once every year.

    6. Passengers are also prohibited from hindering a driver or conductor from performing their duties. It is also wrong to obstruct a person from entering and alighting a matatu.

    7. You could also get into trouble with authorities if you are found unblocking your own drainage.

    8. According to the by-laws, it is illegal to sit in one spot for long apart from Uhuru Park, Central Park, City Park and Jeevanjee Gardens.

    9. It's unlawful for conductors to call out passengers. The offence is punishable by Sh50,000 fine or a 12-month jail term.

    10. All landowners in Nairobi are required to fence their property.