Loic Amado Uber General Manager of East Africa Owns Nothing

  • A Kenyan CEO has made headlines for living a simple life that involves a strict policy in which he gives away whatever possessions he has to a random person before he relocates to another city.

    Loic Amado, a Belgian national, ascribes to the principle that one does not need a lot to survive and be happy in life.

    Mr Amado says that he came to this realization eight years ago when he hitchhiked, with his now girlfriend, through seven African countries and has practised this way of life for three years now.

    "That we need very little in life. Very very little. I have lived off a suitcase for the last three years. A very small suitcase.  I don’t need a lot to survive or be happy.

    "What I would normally do is buy clothes at the airport and try to leave my clothes with somebody in that city," Mr Amado asserts.

    Uber Communications Associate for East Africa, Ms Janet Kemboi, describes the Manager as someone pleasant to work with who is genuine in who he is.

    "He is an approachable, ordinary guy and though I may not speak for everyone, I believe those who work under him enjoy working with him," Ms Kemboi told Kenyans.co.ke.

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    The 28-year old General Manager admires thoughts on life held by tech legend, the Late Steve Jobs, who similarly hitchhiked through the populous nation of India.

    "I just loved the way he thought about the world. For example where he said 'The ones who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do,'" the General Manager explained.

    He claims that his oldest possession is an Omega watch that he is not willing to part with.

    The GM lauds the people of Kenya for their rapid uptake of new technologies adding that out of the East Africa region, Kenya is the nation that has adopted Uber the fastest.

    "There’s something about Kenyans; you guys are very open to new technology and to trying out new things," he commended.

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