How Uhuru Kenyatta Changed the Presidency to Relate with Common 'Mwananchi'

  • As President Uhuru Kenyatta's first term in office comes to a close, Kenyans have a lot to remember him for among them being demystifying the Presidency.

    Unlike his predecessors, Uhuru made the President's office and State House accessible to the common man in a way that Kenyans had never seen before. Here are a some of the memorable moments captured during his presidency.

    1. Bahati Taking Over Uhuru's Seat.

    For a civilian to make a president stand and take over the seat was unimaginable to many. However, during the launch of Jubilee Party at Kasarani stadium, Gospel musician Bahati took over the president's seat as the president took to the dance floor. This sparked a discussion on the social media.

    [caption caption="Musician Bahati"][/caption]

    2. Uhuru's Son From Kisumu

    The president recognised the talent of David Owira alias Otonglo and adopted him, offering to support him through his education, making him one of his children.

    [caption caption="David Owira with the president"][/caption]

    3. Machakos girl

    That Kenyatta has an infectious personality is not in doubt. During a brief visit to Machakos, a school girl hit headlines because of the special bond she had formed with the president during the brief encounter. When the president was leaving, the young girl from Katulu Primary School broke into tears.

    [caption caption="Young school girl breaks into tears"][/caption]

    4. Rare invitation

    On his way to the top Uhuru Kenyatta never forgot those who were with him on the journey. David Kuria received a surprise invitation to the State House to attend President Uhuru's swearing in and a State dinner thereafter. Kuria, a newspaper vendor had faithfully sold newspapers to Kenyatta along the streets of Nairobi for decades.


    5. Humble meal at a kiosk in Machakos

    He may be occupying the highest office in the land but the president is still in touch with the common man. During a visit to Machakos, the president made a stop to go for lunch at a roadside kiosk where he bought a 300Ml bottle of soda. The vendor could barely believe.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru buying snacks from a kiosk"][/caption]

    6.Sugarcane Present

    During a visit to Ndeiya, an elderly woman known as Njeri gave the president a rare present that he accepted with humility.

    Previously, making contact with the head of state was close to impossible due to the security detail. Kenyatta received the sugarcane with humility and accepted the woman's blessings.

    [caption caption="Njeri handing over her present to the president"][/caption]

    7. Emily Wanjiru

    An encounter with the president changed the life of young Emily Wanjiru's family. The little girl moved the president with her poem.

    Shortly afterwards, the president offered to construct a better house for the family and pay for the girl's education. This saw the family move from a 10 by 10 makeshift wooden house in Gachoror to a decent house.  

    [caption caption="Emily Wanjiru and her family hosting the president"][/caption]