1998 Bomb Blast Survivors Demonstrate Ahead of Obama’s Visit

  • Survivors of the Nairobi 1998 bomb blast took to the streets yesterday, demanding compensation from the US government.

    Carrying placards, they stood in front of the August 7th Memorial Park, vowing not to move until their plight is addressed.

    They are accusing the US government of turning 'a deaf ear' to their suffering.

    It was the second demo following a peaceful march on July 15 this year.

    The August 7th attack on the US Embassy killed more than 200 Kenyans and 12 Americans.

    Al-Qaida militants were responsible for the attack alongside an attack in Tanzania the same day.

    Thousands were injured.

    Several high profile guests have visited the memorial site in the past.

    During his visit into the country in May. US Secretary of State John Kerry paid his respects to the victims at the site.

    Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton also made a visit to the site on their visit the same month.

    The survivors are hopeful that during his three day visit in the country, Obama will take notice of their demands for financial compensation.

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